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ok what about this draft

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I just can't see the best center in the draft not going until the 3rd round... Most of these mock drafts etc.. have him going as high as to the Patriots at the end of the first, and as low as the top of the 3rd. The Titans, Patriots, and now even the Panthers need interior lineman like there's no tomorrow.

Jake doesn't make it out of round 2. That's my Joe Namath/Chad Johnson guarantee.

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Yeah, Gamble and Dontarrious Thomas sound good for 1 and 2

but i think the 49ers might grab Gamble ahead of us....If that is so....I'd pick DJ Williams, and try to grab Matt Ware in the 2nd....

I really don't have a comment on your words...I just gotta say you have a very colorful moniker there "Squirrely", if not the record for the longest name here! Welcome to the forum!! :lol::lol:

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