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Bengal targets

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A few free agents the Bengals should consider:



Home town guy that won't cost an arm and a leg. He will start and Hawkins sits!


He's young and would be solid for 4-5 years.


Another young guy that won't drain the bank. Taking the second tier guys will save money for more defense.

Defensive Tackle


Another home town guy that can be had for cheap. He's on the downside of a good career but has a good year or so left.


He's going to cost but he would be worth it. Adding him would put Justin Smith in the Pro Bowl.


D. Woody-

Would make a good O-line great.

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What about Ed Hartwell? Hes restricted but I think we can get him for a 3rd or 4th round pick. He's a tackling machine who would put up really great numbers (Still had about 100 tackles) if he wasn't playing alongside the most proactive linebacker in the game. And there's the Marvin connection.

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Does anyone know anything about that Alvin Porter guy we got from Baltimore..? Can he beat out Burris.. and Hawkins..? lol

Jam31 and Arizona, our 2 resident and knowledgeable Raven-ites could help us out with a little info here. I'll go to "Ravens Talk.com" and ask them to do so. B)

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Winfield could be a great pick up( I live in near Buffalo, sad really) anyway.... he is a great player even if stats don't show it, That D line forced no interceptions and left those corners to cover for a long time. He rarely gives up the big play and best of all he loves to hit. I mean come up and stuff the sweep and make the RB think everytime he tries to run to that side, small yes, but It he can make up for it. The only bad thing is that I think Bufallo is going to put some kind of huge money on the table before this is all over with. So I think I would have to go with Plummer, I have not yet heard what kind of money he will be getting but I am sure that it won't break the bank, and he is better than what we had out the field last season. If we could get Hartwwll for a 3 rd or 4 th round pick I would do it, that is all we are going to get for CD anyway, Then we could go right to D line and and O line early in the draft and still allow Marvin to work his magic with some defensive picks.

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