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Marino the head of operations.


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Hahaha! I agree Josh. Dan always seemed stiff and lost for words, but Deion is always good for comic relief. It's as if a pimp had sex with a clown, and he's their lovechild! He wears stuff Bozo would turn down! Now if he would just shut up and juggle or something! :P

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I remember watching Marino play. He was a great QB. But unlike many Steeler fans, I am glad we didn't draft him.

I hated the way he used to SCREAM at at an OL if he got sacked, or when he would SCREAM at a reciever for dropping a pass.

I always think of David Hasselhof when I see him.

He seemed uncomfortable in front of the camera. But not as bad as Joe Montana or OJ Simpson. Joe Namath looked pretty shaky too!

It will be interesting to see how he does running the show; Dave Wannstedt may want to purchase some ear plugs. :o

By the way, Boomer does great as a commentator on the radio. He and Marve Albert hosted the AFC championship.

Lambert 58

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