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Happy B-Day


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Damn you guys make me feel OLD

Make you ???? feel old ???????????

My youngest kid is going to be 25 tomorrow. jumpinjesus h christ.

So what was Redsfan2 doing when he was 26 years young?

That would have been 1994 for me. I was living in Morgantown, WV going to grad-school and struggling to pay the bills. :)

;) .................. well, let's see. It was a long time ago you know.

When I was 26; I had been out of the Marines for 4 years. I had been married for 4 years. Our first kid was 1. I was driving semi and struggling to pay the bills as well ........ still am.

Anybody else ????? when were you 26 and what were you doing ?????????? B)

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How many guys are going to be 26 this year (me included)? I think the youth revolution has begun. Pack your bags, buy storage canned goods; the evil Gen Y is in town!

This year is my 15th anniversary of the big 2-6! Enjoy it while you can guys!

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