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Actually Farmer isn't eligable for the practice squad. Besides, he simply cannot stay healthy, and you have to consider that. Besides, there are better players for the Bengals to pick up and go to the practise squad...

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They can't be on the practice squad more than 2 years and they can't have been active in more than x number of games (I think it's five but I'm not sure) games. That's why someone like Sean Brewer(very few games cause he coudn't stay healthy) is eligable for the practice squad but not Chris Edmonds (practice squad two years running)

Of course I think the practice squad should consist of Ray Jackson, Thatcher Szalay, Sean Brewer (he probably won't clear waivers)....Not sure about who else we can pick up around the league...


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Cutting FARMER is like the Broncos cutting McCaffery. Runs proper routes, makes precise cuts, blocks, has best hands, will go over the middle and when not involved in the play still executes as a deversion. Hey Warick, can you do any of this?????

I do not agree. Farmer is really nothing like McCaffery.

1. Farmer has never really started or produced like Ed.

2. Farmer gets hurt alot. Ed rarely gets hurt, save the broken leg (freak)

3. Farmer plays alot on special teams. Ed is a starter.

I see how you have tried to draw parallels, but they just don't add up.

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