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Some fun reading on Chad


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I was just searching around just now and came across this....Kind of funny to hear people talk about him back then and us actually know how he is





1000 Club posted 01-29-2001 09:28 PM Click Here to See the Profile for FandangoFan Edit/Delete Message I believe that if Chad Johnson goes any higher than the middle of the second round than it is a wasted pick. He hasn't proven enough to be a 1st rounder, he has bust written all over him.



10000 Club posted 01-30-2001 05:29 PM Click Here to See the Profile for RD Click Here to Email RD Edit/Delete Message freak ... I disagree ... Johnson had what, 2 catches that game? If this guy is as good as people are making him out to be, he better perform better than that.

Yes, he is a deep threat/playmaker ... he is not in the class of all around wr's of Gardner, Terrell, Robinson, Mitchell, Wayne, or Morgan. And as a playmaker/deep threat, Santana Moss is much more of a threat. I think he can make a solid#2, great #3 guy, but he is not a 'premium' prospect IMO.


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I see him going no later than mid 2nd round and will very possibly make up to mid 1st round. He is definitely in top 5 WRs. The guy has great hands, good size and speed and runs good routes. What everyone is not looking at is that there was another very good receiver on the team.

T.J. Houshmandzadeh 48 730 7tds

Chad Johnson 37 806 8tds

Not so smart:

BB, I actually just went to TSN and saw that. They also have a scout who says he'd take Chad over Keyshawn ... you have got to be kidding me. I have Johnson as a 2nd rounder, so him slipping into the 1st is not out of the realm of possibility to me. But, these people having him in the top half of the 1st, and claiming he could go #1, and claiming he's better than Keyshawn are ridiculous.
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Quincy Morgan.. thank god he's gone, Antonio Bryant is a much better pick. Yeah, what BengalsLB said, some guys are just ok in college but dominate in the pros.

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CJ is the man. He gives this team the arrogant attitude it needs.

CJ is now the face of the franchise, going out on limbs, such as the Pepto Bismol ordeal last year. If Carson has a good year, CJ should prove to every one he is a top 3 WR. :player:

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