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Madden Curse


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Ray Lewis was on the cover, not T.O. The curse was ended (unfortunately)

how? they had super bowl expectations and didn't even make the playoffs. I say the curse is on. ;)

McNabb is on it this year, so I guess it's the Eagles turn to feel the wrath. Just watch, I would be any amount of money they don't make it to the Super Bowl

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Oh man.. the dreaded Madden curse.. I almost didn't buy the game because Ray Ray was on the cover. That guy makes me absolutely sick, Kyle Boller is terrible, and I hate all of the fans. Sometimes I have to vent, but back on topic, Ray Lewis didn't have that good of a season last year so it still lives on.

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I did a bit of research.

In 2001 the curse began with Eddie George. He was one of the leading forces in the Titans lineup the previous yearm and became injury prone, being hurt several times in the season, resulting in only 3 ypc and 5 TD's as opposed to his 14 the previous year.

In 2002 it was Culpepper who had a knee injury against the Bears.

In 2003 it was Marshall Faulk, who after being the best player in the NFL was injured and missed 6 games.

In 2004 it was Vick, who broke his leg in the pre-season.

It seemed that the Madden curse was becoming more and more serious ijuries that would cause players to sit out for large chunks of the season. The curse is not, "he was better last year".

Lewis broke his wrist but only missed the last game of the season. Not much ofa curse there.

And as for Ray Lewis not being as good as he used to be, his best year (1999) 131 tackles, 36 assists, 3.5 sacks and 5 passes defended.

Last year he had 100 tackles 46 assists, 1 sack, and 5 passes defended.

He's getting older, so he's not going to break any records. He is on the down side of his career, but he still had a pretty good season, even by his own standards.

Those numbers last year are a lot better than any MLB the Bengals have had recently. Takeo Spikes best year ever doesn't match up to Ray Lewis' "dissapointing season".

I'd say, curse busted.

Man oh man. We're arguing over a video game cover. The season can't get here soon enough.

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Ray Ray lover ;)

You're right!!!! I defended a Baltimore Raven!!!!

I should be offically banned from this site. That's worse than being a Browns fan!(not much worse though)

I hate myself for my previous comments, and challenge all you so-called Bengals fans for letting the Browns fan be the first to repimand me. What a sad dark day in Bengaldom this has become.

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If the Madden curse is real, Madden should take one for the team and put people who need to be stopped on the cover.

For instance, a nice Osama Bin Laden cover, or how about Kim Jong-Il. But this won't happen will it? No, the Bin Laden cover would not sell well... because it's all about the cash. Who cares who it hurts! Dirty Capitalists.

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