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man am i glad we past on him

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No matter how talented he is, some guys just don't have it in the head. He's probably one of those guys that was babyied all throughout school cause he had some talent playing football. No mental toughness whatsoever, and that's what happens when people just give you everything and you don't work for any of it. I'm sure everyone knows the pride you feel when you accomplish something difficult, well, he doesn't

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I feel bad for the guy...

I don't whatsoever... He stands to be a very rich man and can't even get his fata$$ in shape ?? Then he breaks into tears after being yelled at ?? I would assume he was being yelled at (or sternly spoken to) for one good reason... HE F**KED UP !!! I would think a tongue lashing would be appropriate in that situation. When my Soldiers fail to execute properly, I lose it and GOD FORBID I see a tear, because then the fun really begins !!!


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I feel bad for the guy...

Oh well, I guess I don't mind us not picking him up.

I wonder how Marvin's meeting went with him when he visited?

Marvin: "I am gonna be on your ass all damn day. CAN YOU HANDLE IT????"

Wright: "But I ain't never been yelled at before sir. I don't know...."

Marvin: "Don't say another word. I expect you to leave my office as soon as your p*&%y ass can!!!!!!!!!!!"

Wright: " But....."

Marvin: "GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Wright: "BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mr. Lewis, please don't hurt me.............."

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