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Training camp this weekend!


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I'm heading down this Sunday. I haven't been since 1991 at Wilmington. Is there anything I should know about Georgetown before I head down there?

Who else is going?

I'm coming back with some kind of opinion about this damn WR situation. I need to see this with my own eyes. :blink:

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Camp on Sunday:

Players that impressed that I saw:

Reggie Myles- dude is just an athelete period.

Allen Augustin and Marcus Wilkins- looked comfortable in positions, made some plays.

Tab Perry- dropped some passes, but he can BLOCK well.

Kelly Washington- caught everything, looked quick.

Kevin Walter- dropped some passes but is quick, hustles, and can block well.

Cliff Russell- Fast.

Madieu Williams- no comment needed.

Brandon Williams- looked as good as any of the corners yesterday.

Rudi- no comment needed.

The secondary is STACKED. I have no idea who's going to make or be cut. The defense looked smooth but not as much as the offense. Guy-check is out of shape, he was sucking it halfway into practice. Quincy Wilson is going to give Watson a run for the 3rd back slot.

The coaches were ALL over the players. Everything was on-time and with a purpose. There was an energy there that was missing with the old staff. This team just looked like one with a common goal. Nobody looked lost or unmotivated.

If you can make it for the scrimmage, I would go, it's going to be worth the drive.

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Quincy Wilson is going to give Watson a run for the 3rd back slot.

Based on what I'm reading, Wilson is definitely making an impression. I hope they can keep him around if he doesn't get Watson's job, especially considering Perry's health issues. But chances are he'll do well in the pre-season, get sent to the practice squad, and end up playing for somebody else.

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