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Playoff Seeding 2005

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My predictions:


1.) Indianapolis Colts

2.) New England Patriots

3.) Kansas City Chiefs

4.) Cincinnati Bengals :player:

5.) Pittsburgh Steelers

6.) Denver Broncos


1.) Philadelphia Eagles

2.) Minnesota Vikings

3.) Atlanta Falcons

4.) Seattle Seahawks

5.) Carolina Panthers

6.) New Yourk Giants

What do y'all think?

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1. Colts

2. Patriots

3. Chargers

4. Steelers

5. Jets

6. Bengals :player:


1. Eagles

2. Falcons

3. Vikings

4. Cardinals

5. Panthers

6. Packers

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A think the Cardinals have at least a small chance in the worst division in football. I can't imagine Seattle or St. Louis running away with it, and with the additions the Cardinals have made this offseason, 8-8 seems like a possiblity, albeit unlikely. 8-8 in the putrid NFC should be enough to get a wild card birth. I say Arizona doesn't win more than 7 games, but they could.

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New England

Baltimore (**ducks for cover**)

Kansas City

Cincinnati (see, I'm not all bad...)


I was about to put Pittsburgh on the list, but what are the odds of three teams from the same division making the playoffs? Not good I figure. I see the Chargers and the Jets having dissapointing seasons. The Jets have gotten worse this offseason, and while the Chargers may have improved a bit, like the Jets they were beneficiaries of good fortune on the injury front last year. Almost every team that loses as few players as the Chargers or Jets did last year makes the playoffs. And almost every one of those teams comes back to earth the following year. Seems like a safe bet to me.





Seattle (winning their division at 9-7 <_< )


NY Giants (because I'm a homer)

I could also make a case for the Cowboys. But I won't. The Rams were one of those 8-8 playoff teams, and I can't stand Martz as a person or a coach, so it only makes sense to leave them off this list. Green Bay lost 2/5th of their OL, and their defense wasn't great shakes to begin with. Why the Giants? Well, because they're my team for starters, and besides, before the injury bug hit last year they were at 4-2 and looking good. Everyone who matters is coming back healthy, and the guys they've added (Burress, Pierce, McKenzie) could only help. In a weak conference, I think they make it. No chance if they were in the AFC though.

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