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super agent Rosenhaus

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by Len Pasquarelli

In the new logo that emblazons the front of the T-shirts often worn by the few employees of Rosenhaus Sports Representation, the "S" is large and exaggerated, reminiscent of the famous crest worn by Superman.

On Tuesday afternoon, for one imperiled toddler, NFL agent Drew Rosenhaus, who collects superhero figurines as a hobby, became a real-life Superman.

Orange County (Fla.) Police confirmed that Rosenhaus, acting quickly in a moment of crisis, saved the life of 4-year-old Maurice Hill, who had essentially drowned in the pool at the Grand Floridian Hotel in Orlando. Rosenhaus administered CPR to Hill, who had no pulse when he was yanked from the pool, until paramedics arrived and took over the treatment of the youngster.

"He basically brought [Hill] back," said Cpl. Carlos Torres, public information officer for the Orange County Police Department. "The kid was gone and [Rosenhaus] saved a life. It's legitimate. Who knows how it would have turned out had he not been around? The guy was a hero today."

Said Cpl. Bob Leben, the deputy who commenced the investigation of the incident: "[Rosenhaus] certainly stepped up."

Hill was transported to Celebration Hospital, where police said he was listed in stable condition. Hospital officials did not immediately return messages, nor could the Hill family be reached. A spokesperson at the hotel also confirmed the events.

Rosenhaus was in Orlando for an appearance at the ESPN Club and to meet with some of his clients. He took a short break from business to honor a promise he had made, to take his girlfriend to the pool, when the incident occurred.

"When I was in high school, I was a lifeguard, and had learned CPR," Rosenhaus said. "In a situation like that, instincts kind of take over, I think. Let me tell you, this is the happiest day of my life. To save a little boy like that, who has his whole life in front of him, it's incredibly gratifying."

i know he is a jerk of an agent but i have to give him props for this

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makes it a little tougher to hate him now...

i've heard reports that the kid has now signed with rosenhaus and is holding out on his parents for a new tee-ball bat, bengals sheets for his bed, and there are ongoing negotiations for an increased allowance for the next 6 years, with an option on the 7th...

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I found this interesting - just goe to show that there's more to people than their public persona

NFL Player Agent Saves Boy at Disney Pool

LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. (AP) -- NFL player agent Drew Rosenhaus performed CPR to save a young boy pulled unconscious from a swimming pool at a Disney World resort hotel Tuesday.

The Chicago boy was on a trip with his family. He was transported to a hospital but was expected to be fine, said Cpl. Carlos Torres of the Orange County Sheriff's Office.

"Rosenhaus brought him back," Torres said.

Rosenhaus, whose hardball negotiating tactics have made him perhaps the league's most notorious agent, said he was at the Grand Floridian to visit clients and ran to help when he heard screaming after the boy was pulled from the pool.

"I dropped my phone, which is pretty rare," joked Rosenhaus, who worked as a lifeguard as a youngster. "I was thrilled to help the boy. It was nice to be a good guy for once."

© 2005 The Associated Press.

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If it's true, it doesn't surprise me all that much...he looks like a pretty nice guy. Business is just business.

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I'm not trying to come across like some straight-lace but if you have ever seen someone die, or struggle for their life, it's no laughing matter. Business is business, football is a GAME. This guy saved a life. Think about what is more important.

Exactly. And i dont even get why people think hes such an a**h*** for football. He is simply doing his job. His job is to get players the most money and fairest contracts possible, he doesnt care about teams winning games, and hes not supposed to, hes simply an agent that players hire to get them paid.

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He is a businessman and sometimes you have to step on peoples feet to get them to listen. He is a good agent. Why don't all you people who think he is an ass look at how much the NFL and the organizations make. Oh wait they won't let you know, don't you think that maybe there is a reason for this. These players make a lot of money, but the average NFL career is only 4 years. Lets say you take less money for the good of the team, then you go out and get hurt that year, you think the team is going to keep paying you next year for the good of you?? F*ck no!!! If I was a player I would want a guy like him because he is helping me look out for me and my family. Saying this is a publicity stunt is the most pathetic thing I've ever heard and some of you should listen to yourself because you are pathetic. The man does his job and does it well if you can't except I doubt he will lose any sleep over it.

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