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Bellichick and wife split

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Probably a little too close to gossip and wmut for my tastes, but in a league which has been dominated by a team and since he is THE key figure on that team, does difficulty in his personal life have any affect on his play?



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Won't mean squat as far as it's effect on the way he coaches his team. It may effect the way he interacts with his team after the game without having to worry about "The 'OL Ball And Chain" waiting up for him! He might start going out with them and PAR-TAY!


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Don't want to make light on the situation, but she probably refused to go both ways, on the field that is, ala Troy brown, Mike Vrabel, etc!!!!!!!!! (No sick thoughts here!)

Hmmmm..in all seriousness, he will probably sink himself deeper into football, and that's scary....

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