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Reds should follow the blueprint


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I think the Reds this season will hit an all time low, and finish in the cellar maybe 30 games under .500.

Maybe this is what it takes for the Front Office to re-evaluate, sort of like what the Bengals did after the 2-14 2002 disaster. Maybe we can all hope. The Reds are one of the franchises that should be good in baseball, when the Reds are good the game is good.

It's time for a house cleaning. John Allen should be first to go. I know we talk about it all the time, but as I sit here watching the Cards paste the Reds once again, I think back to the glory days. it's time to get competitve.

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Are you attempting to compare Mike Browns "moment of clarity" just prior to the hiring of Marvin Lewis and the loosening of his purse strings to what's going on with Carl Lindner and the Reds? :lol:

Have your doctor reduce the dosage on your meds.

.......I M H O!......

Mike Brown came from a family steeped in football history. Even though he wasn't (how should I put this?) the best example of this family, he was and remains a caring fan of the game. Bluntly he's not the fastest learner, but he's willing to learn, and finally now seems willing to change himself to improve the team.

Carl Lindner came from....uh I don't know where, but I'm almost certain it wasn't sports related.

My point is he is still stuck in the changing personnel and not himself stage. Remember when Mike Brown was there? I don't think Carl will get to where Mr. Brown is simply due to he doesn't have that many years left here on earth!

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