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Why no Cavalier Fans?


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Wassup with that? The closest NBA team (besides possibly the Pacers) to Cincy is the Cleveland Cavaliers, yet I've seen absolutely ZERO Cav fans here. Could the hatred of the Cleveland Browns be spilling over to other sports? :blink:

It appears so!

What say you? :huh:

BTW, living in Arizona, I lean towards the Suns.nash_85587.jpg

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Why root for the Cavs when you can root for my favorite team, the Dallas Mavericks?

But I'm a resident of Texas who grew up in a Kansas town 5 hours away from Dallas, so Dallas is the closest geographical NBA team to both of my hometowns.

And screw Cleveland. They have the Indians (AL Central with my beloved Royals) and the Browns (AFC North with our beloved Bengals and loved by a mass of drunken, unruly homers), so Cleveland can suck it. :player:

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