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bengals 2003-2004 record


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I think the bengals have a real shot at 8-8 or above. Within the division the only real threat is the Steelers, the Browns have subtracted this year, and both the Ravens and the Browns are going to have trouble with their QB situations. However they still have a rather tough schedule so I think that may keep them out of the playoffs and let's face it the AFC is much tougher than the NFC to make the playoffs. If the Bengals were in the NFC they would be looking at a 10-6 record at least. But in this day of parity in the NFL the playoffs are still a real possability.



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The NFL is so balanced - it just makes it very hard to predict even from week to week... I think it is important that the Bengals play competitive football early even if they do not win or the players may go into the "here we go again" mode... Even so, I do not believe that Marvin and his staff are the types to stand for players who are out of shape or not mentally prepared and that should bode well for us as Bengals fans as no one will try to ride along for free (if they do they wont last long), thus, it seems hard to envision a full season of futility as we have seen so many times in the past... With that said, I will say we will be 8-8... That would be a great improvement from where we have been... If we get off to a good start and get/make a few breaks we may be 10-6, If we start slowly, we could be 6-10... We should fall somewhere between 6-10 and 10-6... I certainly do not see 4-12 happening - this staff will not allow such an uncompetitive spirit...

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I agree w/ 44...Anywhere from 6-10 to 10-6.

If they come out and fight hard for four quarters, and sixteen weeks...But still finish at 6-10, I will be somewhat pleased. I only see this having a chance to happen because of the afforementioned difficult schedule.

I think the reality would be that if the Bengals give a maximum effort, start the season in good physical condition, upgrade the overall talent and experience of the team, and execute....How could they finish any worse than 8-8?

I'm sorry, and I'm a little scared...But I'm more optimistic this year, than I have been since the 80's.

Look at the facts....They've bettered themselves via free agency across the board. They may have had the best draft class in the NFL. They've upgraded their off season conditioning.....

Can any of you come up with one thing they've not addressed in the off season that is monetarily possible?

I think 10-6 is what can be expected.

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