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Iam Sorry it had to be this way


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Listen ravens#1...jbengals is quite right. You ain't no Lambert58!! Even though he's a devout Steelers fan, he is a long time respected voice here. He is also a far more creative, insightful, not to mention has a vastly superior command of the vanacular than you could EVER have. You bring nothing here but a unpunctated line of drivel. No wit. No facts...even your trash talk doesn't qualify a "Dumpster" rating!!

From what I've seen, he's posting here week after week, and he NEVER changes! Your attempts to pass yourself off as him a just sad. He's a man who loves his team, and I respect that. I think any real fan of football would feel the same, regardless of the team.

If you wanna talk trash and smack, fine. Do it. It''s a common thing here. If it's facts and figures, all the better! But dude...be your own man!! Use your own forum name and stick with it. I don't want to try to run anyone off, the more the merrier...but stand as a man on your own!

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