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That Raven Bonehead is not me


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Hello Bengals,

Just wanted to let you know that I took my beating like a good sportsman, and that Raven who is talking stuff is not me.

I know my Steelers are dead and gone for the year, and I have admitted that the Bengals are the best team in the North this year.

Even though I am dying inside because the Steelers year is pretty much done, please..

kill the Ravens this week.

Tell them your sorry it has to be this way, and then KICK THE SH** out of them.

Just like you did to my beloved basement team.

Lambert 58

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hey lambert58,

In my book you're a class act, and welcome here, but extend to me the same courtesy at the Steelers website, eh? You'll see me there at least twice a year! You guys really stepped it up in the second half last Sunday and scared the crap outa me!

See ya around!

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I will be the Bengals clown.

But only for the rest of the year.


I deserve it after my predictions to win went down the toilet along with the over abundance of Jack and Coke I puked up after Kitna threw the 18 yard Td pass to win.

No I'm not an alcoholic;

Well, I was for that game anyway.

Lambert 58

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