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Sad State of NFC


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The 4-8 Cards could still host a home playoff game...:lol:


Ya think we could talk Seattle into switching back into the AFC and trading spots with us. I mean, we are west...of Pittsburgh... :huh:

If the Bengals were in the NFC we'd have at least 9 wins now....

if they were in the NFC West they'd probably have homefield advantage locked up by now. The NFC is a joke.

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Eagles are going to be a tough team to beat. I have to admit that before the season started I didn't think very much of their chances, and they've made me look stupid (not that that's real hard to do :lol:). I would hate to have the Bengals' playoff chances come down to that last game in Philly.

As for the NFC this year, I agree, it sucks. The silver lining is that all the poor performances will put the kibosh on any more talk of playoff expansion, at least for a while.

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Let's cancel the NFC side of the playoffs and give the Eagles a free pass. IMO there is no other team that can compete with the AFC teams. The trendy pick now is the Panthers, who have beat Arizona, Tampa, San Fran, and New Orleans to get back to 5-7. Now exactly powerhouses and they have too many key injuries to realistically compete with the upper echelon teams. Atlanta is far too inconsistent getting absolutely waxed by KC and Tampa. Green Bay's pass D is just horrid and Seattle and St Louie are just soft as hell. If Moss comes back healthy I think the Vikes are Phillys biggest threat and even they have no chance out of the Dome.

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Yes, the NFC is sad this year, but it's not much different than the AFC North last year. The Bengals had a chance to go to the playoffs with an 8-8 record...

It looked like 9-7 or maybe even 8-8 might win the AFCN early last year, that's true, but in the end we sent a 10-game winner to the playoffs (Balti) and the AFC had one 10-game winner (Miami) that didn't go. & in the NFC last year all the playoff teams were at least 10-game winners.

This year, the AFC could once again have a 10-game winner miss the playoffs. But in the NFC, shoot, we have 4 games left and only one team, Philly, has gotten into double digits, More: in the NFC, only 5, count 'em, 5 teams can still reach 10 wins:

Atlanta 9-7

GB 7-5

Minny 7-5

Seattle 6-6

St. Louis 6-6

Atlanta I think will make it, so that covers the AFCS. GB has a game against Minny left, and Minny also plays Seattle, so there may be some cancelling out there. The Rams face Philly and NYJ the last two weeks, Seattle also plays the Jets.

Maybe GB or Minny gets to 10, too. But I think the NFC is going to have at least three single-digit winners make the playoffs. That's pretty pathetic.

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