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Butch's Last Chance?


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The Cleveland Plain Dealer is reporting that Butch Davis is out on the end of the plank, and the Bengals can push him off Sunday.


Of course, if this is true, maybe the Bengals should throw the game! Is one victory worth the chance it could lead to Cleveland hiring a real coach? :lol:

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Update from the gossip mongers at profootballtalk.com...



By now, you've seen and/or heard the various reports of looming doom for coach Butch Davis in Cleveland.  On Monday night, ESPN's Chris Mortensen said that owner Randy Lerner considered on Sunday night the possibility of firing Davis on Monday.  In the end, per Mort, Lerner decided to take it week by week.


We'd heard on Monday the rumors that Davis could be gone soon, as in really soon.  But we learned on Monday that it was business as usual in the front office, and that nothing was on the verge of going down.  


Tuesday's Cleveland Plain Dealer reports that Davis is "on the verge" of getting fired, but does not mention Mort's week-to-week prediction.  Instead, the Plain Dealer suggests that the move is coming sooner rather than later.


With all that said, we learned minutes ago from a highly credible source that there's a strong expectation within the building that the poop will hit the fan, possibly as soon as Tuesday.  As of 10:15 a.m. EST, owner Randy Lerner was scheduled to visit the team facility.  Although we've since learned that Lerner might postpone his visit until Wednesday, the thinking within the organization is that Davis will seek Lerner out for a discussion regarding his status, based on the rampant reports of Butch's imminent demise.


And folks who know Davis expect that he'll ask Lerner point blank whether the reports are true -- and if they are true, Davis will ask to be relieved of his duties now.


Davis has an extra incentive to shake free of his NFL gig.  With the University of Florida looking for a new head coach and Davis interested in returning to the Sunshine State, the sooner Davis gets there, the better off he'll be in recruiting.


But like Dennis Erickson in San Fran, Davis is still under contractfor three more years.  We doubt, however, that Lerner will play games with Davis on this one in the hopes of reducing his buy out.  Davis's interest in the Florida gig surfaced only after it was becoming obvious that his goose was cooked in Cleveland; Erickson started sniffing around the Huskies without any reason to believe he'd be getting canned in San Fran.


Bottom line -- the next time that Davis and Lerner are in the same building, Davis will seek him out.  When he does, Davis will ask him some direct questions.  And if Mort and the Plain Dealer are even remotely accurate in their reports, Davis promptly will be the former head coach of the Cleveland Browns. 

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Davis reportedly close to being fired by Browns

Butch Davis' days as coach of the Cleveland Browns seem to be dwindling with each loss.

On Monday, Davis was again confronted with questions about his shaky status as he discussed the Browns' 10-7 loss to the New York Jets. For several weeks, there has been mounting evidence that Davis' fourth season with the Browns could be his last.

But despite rumors that he's in his last days and one report that says he's on the verge of being fired by owner Randy Lerner, Davis said his only immediate concern is getting the Browns (3-7) turned around.

"I am so focused on trying to win these games and look at what's right and what's wrong," he said. "I'm worried about winning and helping this team get better. Right now, that's the only focus I've got."

The Browns, who have been devastated by injuries this season and through a substantial portion of Davis' three-plus seasons in Cleveland, dropped their fourth straight game Sunday. They've lost five of six and slipped into last-place in the AFC North, one game behind the Cincinnati Bengals, their opponent this Sunday.

Davis' record is 24-35, including a playoff loss, since leaving the University of Miami and taking over the expansion Browns in 2001. But after leading Cleveland to a 9-7 mark and the postseason in 2002, Davis is just 8-18.

Citing unidentified league and team sources, ESPN reported that Lerner considered firing Davis on Sunday night but decided not to make the change until he sees how the Browns respond from their latest loss. The report said Davis will likely be fired if the Browns lose to the Bengals.

"Butch is our coach and and the Browns will not discuss any reports such as this," team spokeswoman Lisa Levine said Monday night.

During the past two home games, Browns fans have been increasingly vocal toward Davis about their displeasure with the team's current state. Davis said he sympathizes with the fans and wishes he could fix things more quickly.

He said the conjecture about him being fired as been "unpleasant" for his family.

In addition to the losses and injuries, Davis' tenure has been marked by poor draft picks, a quarterback controversy, a complete overhaul in the team's front office and the death of owner Al Lerner.

The losing has seemingly taken its toll on Davis. Normally upbeat and overly optimistic even after the toughest losses, he has been sullen the past few weeks. However, he insists he is totally committed to the making the Browns into winners and is convinced that he has them on the right course.

"The only thing you can do is to continue to be positive and be teaching and to encourage the players and to help them improve," said Davis, who got a two-year contract extension through 2007 after last season. "Whatever is going to happen is going to happen."

With the season winding down and little left to play for, Davis said he isn't worried about losing his team. Although times are tough, the Browns won't quit.

"These guys are pros and they know that they have to prepare, practice and play. They take a great deal of pride in their preparation and their own performance," he said.

If Davis is fired soon, it wouldn't surprise some of his friends if he pursued the vacant University of Florida job, ESPN reported. Davis restored the University of Miami program to national prominence after being named the Hurricanes coach in 1995.

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For being mods, you both certainly don't know where Cleveland related info goes..  (ie not in the Cincy forum).  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:

Sheesh, the Bengals play Cleveland this week and a win could get their coach fired and it isn't appropriate to the bengals forum? Nitpicker. :lol:

You just can't admit it when you're wrong... :P

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