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bengals games on the net

UK Bengal

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You know gentlemen, as great as that would be, I fear there may be some legal restrictions as to providing entire games for download on the net! If you have TiVo, you're basically recording it there too, and with the right interface, you could take it directly to your computer's hard drive.

I say you may get away with this as long as it's exchanged peer-to-peer, and remains cost free to the downloader. Then again, the F.B.I. has shown up on quite a few folks doorsteps that were also exchanging peer-to-peer free files. They were copyrighted songs. If NFL games are copyrighted, (and I think they are) the law enforcement aspect may be the same.

I think the best way to go is a "Hi-Lite Reel" anyway. Just all the plays in the game that were a scoring, pivotal, or another particularly important event of the game. Basically all the good stuff. No commercials, huddles, halftime, time-outs, or walking back to your side of the line of scrimmage after a play. About 45 minutes to an hour of total length.

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First time poster long time reader :D

I am a Bengals fan in Iceland and wanted to share this url with you guys. Pontel On this site you can buy every game on DVD. You get the DVD a couple of days after the game takes place. Usually it takes a week to get up here to Iceland but it should be a lot faster in mainland Europe. The DVD´s feature a complete game (taped from US television) as well as ESPN primetime with highlights from all the games.

It´s fairly expensive but I order the games with a friend to split the cost. It´s been a real treat to follow every game for the first time.

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