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reality check


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It's time for everyone to have a recheck-reality check.


I prefer Rudi to Corey, but both deserve to get the ball. I would much rather have a likely 3-4 yards to a less-possible (odds: 3.1-1) 10 yards. Corey turns his back like a p***y that don't want dick. It's zero or ten yards for him, which is not acceptable. We need consisistency.

The offense looks good and should score 25 points every game. BUT can the defense hold. I have been critical of the unit all season, but the KC game cooled my jets. This game reminds me that we need points and the offense is capable of getting them.

The Steelers always come to play so we'll need our A game. Hopefully special teams will decide it in the Bengals favor.

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What's your point? I mean really. Dillon is the better back between Rudi and him, I think even Rudi would admit that. When Dillon is in the backfield teams will respect him and are more likely to bring a safety in the box. Rudi doesn't command that respect yet. The defense is a bit up and down for my taste, they might get to JAnuary, but they won't get deep into january if they don't start stopping teams in the 4th. I mean the dominated time of possession Sunday and FLutie still wore them out in the 4th...But I've said it before, this is a team that was designed to dominate next year, anything they get now is a bonus. This team is rebuilding and to be conteding this late into November is a tribute to the effort put in by Coach Lewis his staff and his team.

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Corey has always played that way, and when he does this he gains another two or three yards. While he's falling turning his back, watch his legs, they are still chopping. I agree with kevnz; Dillon is the better back. There's a lot of negative reaction from the comments he made earlier in the season, justly so. But when he's completely healthy and playing like ol' Corey, there is no one better than getting that yard or two than he. And I think he's finally on board with Marvin.

But I think a healthy Corey and change of pace Rudi will provide consistancy like the ol' Brooks and Woods days - another Super Bowl era reference.

Has any one noticed the amount of references to the 1990 season this season? As my friend Alannis says, a little ironic, don't you think? (sorry guys I was trying to be clever, I'll stop now)

I agree though, the Bengals have made me a bit nervous when fourth quarter comes around; it might come to bit them later this season.

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