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Has Marvin brought 1 player that has helped us??


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Last year Marvin came into the Bengals job. He got rid of a lot of players, added a lot of his own. Had his draft. This year, same formula. Let's look at the results

FA's for 2003:

Kevin Hardy

Tory James

John Thornton

Reggie Kelly

SHane Matthews

Rogers Beckett

Duane Clemons

Wow. Have ANY of these guys been impact players at ALL? James has been average to above average. Same with Beckett and Clemons. All these other guys are JUNK.

FA's for 2004

Nate Webster (looked pretty much like crap all year)

Kim Herring (Old and slow)

Deltha O'Neal (Dear God)

Patrick Johnson (cut)

Bobbie Williams (so-so)


Now look at the players Marvin has drafted! Have ANY of these guys been contributors? The only one I can name that has been worth a crap is Steinbach. 2 drafts and 1 impact guy.

Did you notice that all of our productive players from the past 2 years have been guys that were here BEFORE Marvin Lewis?

Chad Johnson

Pete Warrick

Jon Kitna

Brian Simmons

Willie Anderson

Rudi Johnson

Maybe Marvin needs to re-evaluate himself for a bit. I think his ego is clouding his common judgement.

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You forget, Bax, the most telling ML signing -- Carl Powell.

Here's is a guy (Powell) who ML obviously has a great deal of respect for as a person.

And here is an NFL player who has limited ability as a DT (at 275#) to maybe stunt all day long and get a few tackles. Or as a DT. maybe keeps contain a few times a game, gets 3 sacks a year, and a couple dozen tackles for season if he plays every down.

In other words, Powell sucks. Yet, here he is. Here ain't Randy Starks, Darnell Dockett, Dwan Edwards. Marquise Hill, Antwan Odom, or even Chad Lavalais for Christ sake, not to even get into UFAs or RFAs (yes, show some effing balls just 1 year Brown clan).

All the UFAs signed, the RFAs (like Beckett, K2, Housh, etc) are fine. But Bax, where you miss the Barbarian truth of this team is that you don't ever seem to fundamentally get it like he does. Trust me, I ain't smacking you. I'm just saying to better analyze what you contend.

O'Neal is the best CB we've had s Ambrose. Sorry.

Clemons is too slow but does produce vs. weaker teams.

I've got no problem w/ James, but he is a 9-year vet who was brought in for short term.

Webster was undersized. I've repeatedly said Zack Thomas' back-up last year Tommy Hendricks was a better fit and cheaper, but Del Rio had the good sense to get him within the 1st week of free agency.

Reggie Kelly should've never made this team. You have my whole-hearted support there.

Hardy gets cut block too much but I say that's more scheme than him. Still, he's a vet and a short-term fix.

I'm not sold on Thornton, but I don't think he's a real problem either. He's just not a dominant DT. Williams sucks and we all thought he would be gone this year.

I like Beckett. He was as true of a Rodney Harrison type SS we had in the mix. 5 concussions, though. In his best interest, I hope he retires for good before his brain turns to jelly.

Kim Herring was a lot of money, but he plays well...when he plays.

Larry Moore was a good pick-up for $1mill period.

Bobbie Williams is just fine by me (although nobody in their right Bengal mind can say they would rather not have Goff back B) )

Patrick Johnson was a good move until he broke his hand. A lot of the problems we have w/o Warrick would have been successfully solved with P-Johnson. (He'll be playing w/ Ravens again as soon as he's healthy).

Shane Mattthews? Who the f*ck cares.

Still, Bax, you're right. ML needs to look in the mirror. Get off the shoveling BS and start picking and signing in a manner that more realistically addresses needs. He expects too much from players who can't either perform at the level he wants or who are put out of position like trying to run K2 (who I think is a solid player) as the 8th in the box vs. Jamal.

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Bax & Schweinhart


I've been saying the same thing all offseason & season long

They've had horrible offseasons and its going to lead to 4-12 at best this year.

They deserve it... Not us!!!

I wish it was April 05 already so at least I could be optimistic about something...

They probably Fu@# up another one anyway!!!

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