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AFCN - todays matches


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Hi folks - just wondering what the AFC North will look like after todays matches and how the teams will be shaping up for the remainder of the season:-

If The Steelers lose to the Browns it will put them (possibly) 3 games adrift of top spot with an 8-8 rcord the best they could achieve. More importantly it will give them a 2 match losing streak with the Bengals to face next week. Disappointment and expectancy, especially being at home, will add to the pressure on Pittsburgh.

If they win however they will be only 1 or 2 games off the lead with a 3-1 divisional record and a possible first or second spot up for grabs if they beat the Bengals the following week.

The Browns, if they win, could possibly be tied for 1st place in the division, and with the least points conceded from the 4 AFCN teams could start to fancy their chances slipping almost undetected into another post-season slot.

If they lose to Pittsburgh they will be 1 or 2 games off the top spot and bottom of the table, where they belong!

If the Ravens win they will remain first (or tied for first) and would have halted a 2 game losing streak. With home advantage over the following 2 matches (49ers & Bengals) their defence will be playing to ensure they cut themselves a bit of breathing space at the top of the division.

If the Ravens lose they will be tied for first, or possibly sitting second, and on the crest of a slump with a three game losing streak. The pressure and expectancy will really be on them to make the final two games of the "3 homer" stretch count.

If the Bengals win today they will still be top of the AFCN no matter what happens elsewhere. Their confidence will continue to grow with a 2 game winning streak and the following 2 matches will make or break their season. There can be no pressure from expectancy on the Bengals in this scenario as having a six win season surely meets the expectations of all the fans following last years record.

If the Bengals lose they will be either 1st, 2nd or 3rd in the AFCN and the ramifications of possibly being 1 game off the bottom are too horrible to think about, so we won't!

Well, thats my thoughts - what do the other fans think ??


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Well, currently, Baltimore is losing to Seattle and Cleveland is losing to Pittsburgh. If those scores hold, Cincy can potentially finish the day a game up on the Death Birds and two games up on Cleveland and Pittsburgh provided that we show up and don't do another Arizona game. If we win, we'll have a little space to work with. However if we lose, we'll still be in first, but there'd be no room for any more mistakes.

Just go out, win games, and let the rest of the division sort itself out. Really, it's our division to lose. Just win, and it won't matter what the rest of the division does.

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