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Good Game


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Good game guys, wasn't over till the last first down. You all played your best game of the year and it was against us. Little disappointed of course that we lost our perfect season and have to give some credit to the Begals coaching staff, players and of course their fans. It time to rock on though. Next for us is Oakland. Better now than in the playoffs that is for sure. Did not hurt us that much, still in first and still have home field advanage that is for this week :D , but we have to get our stuff back in one sock and I am sure we will. Again CONGRATULATIONS. Just wanted to tell you that so you did not think I talked Crap and ran away. I will be back in chiefstalk.com if anyone wants to get ahold of me though.


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Dante who?

Seriously, though, that was a great game. I think Trent did a good job, but the Bengal D played real well. Interesting that Trent put up good numbers and was a good loser postgame, but Priest got shut down and was a sore loser.

I love the win. I loved seeing Corey get touches but sticking with Rudi as the main back. Hopefully I'll be representing Cincy fans next week here in Southern California. A buddy of mine here in LA has a cousin on the team: LB Riall Johnson. He's trying to hook me up with tix.

Would love to see 3 in a row. NO LET-DOWN GAME!!!

Thank you, thank you, Miami (what an ugly game).

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