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What really matters for new HC?


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We are getting a new HC!   It looks like one from the outside!

Marvin Lewis represented this many years ago. 

So what matters?   Fun?  Yes.

There will be all kinds of back and forth during the off-season about all types of factors judging this guy. But what matters?  Fun.

Lewis returned them to prime time.  Sell outs.  Meaningful games. Playoffs.  

Got stale.  He raised the expectations.

So..... for the new guy and for me.

1. Let’s try to win on NBC Sunday night foot ball before the Network deals change. 

2. Can we beat the Steelers back to back at home?  Maybe have a winning record against them?

3. Divisional round of playoffs seems cool. Don’t know what I’d do if I could attend that round.   Conference championship? Super bowl?  Can my kids do what I was able to do and attend a Super Bowl party with the local team? 

4. Maybe be a joy to listen to during press conferences.

5. Not continue to employ headaches. 

6. I like to own a Supwrbowl champions jacket with my favorite team.  


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What matters ??  Let's be honest.  Playoff wins and hopefully a Super Bowl.
It's what all coaches should be judged by....  RESULTS.

Beating the Steelers or any team in the regular season means nothing if it doesn't translate in the post season.
No one is hanging their hats on winning the division either.  Who cares ??

Win a playoff game and Taylor is a God in this city.  Continue to do that and there's a future statue coming for him.
If the losing continues for a couple of seasons (maybe 3), he should be fired and we try again.

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Just saying in general that this isn't college football either.

If either Ohio State or Michigan coach loses in their bowl games, but beats their rival, they will be loved.
Who cares if the Buckeyes win some worthless bowl game anyway ??
Just keep beating Michigan's ass.

Unless they are playing for the National Championship, I don't really care all that much in the post season.
I'd rather them lose some random bowl game and beat Michigan than the other way around.

The NFL is just the opposite.  Go ahead and lose to the Steelers, just get to the post season and fucking win.

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