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Gios TD........

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jonf45uk    76

Missed watching the game live, so was wondering how did Russell Bodine get away by grabbing the LB's facemask and throwing him to the ground during the TD?!!!!!!

Was lovely to see them go for the jugular rather than the usual kneel/punt/fumble we usually go for, and great execution, hope we can build on that in the coming weeks :)

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AMPHAR    136

Using Steeler fan logic IF a blatant penalty isn't called then IT's actually GREAT BLOCKING.     They are (Steelers) the most notorious holding SOBs around but they don't get called so IT's GREAT BLOCKING.

That play was simply a GREAT call by the OC.   He simply guessed right on the defense the Browns would do.    Similar to the Ravens beating the Bengals on the Slant to Maclin in week 1.      Boom big TDs.




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