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Fifth Round #157: TE CJ Uzomah

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As long as Hayes is here they will never develop a TE. That includes Eifert.

Which is a joke. They've has such good talent, all flushed. Poor Eifert with his hinkey elbow. Please please heal correct.

I think about the waste of the pick and potential with Orson Charles. He was a really good TE, but Hayes couldn't get it to work, so let's make him a FB... sso stupid.

I read a stat this weekend that OCharles still holds the combine record for reps by a tight end. I think it was around 32 or 35. Another weigh room warrior that was lacking in other areas.

Quit drafting the projects (Hunt, Stacy Andrews, Charles, Uzomah) and go for the sure things.

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I dunno, jjak - that late in the draft, I think unless you still have an unfilled glaring need (and I dont think we did, except *maybe* at PK) projects are the way to go

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