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Counting down until Home Opener

September 11, 2022 vs Pittsburgh Steelers

Game Dey!!!

Browns @ Bengals Game Thread


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I would rather them say nothing than the line of crap you usually get from them.

It's why I don't watch interviews with the coaches and players. One on ones, post game, pre game, none of it.

You get the same line and it's old with this team.

Don't tell me you need to execute better, I can see that with my untrained eye just fine.

Don't tell me you need to fix the things you aren't doing well. No shit huh ??

I had a guy clean my carpets yesterday and when I brought up a box fan to help drying the carpet, he tells me:

"You know, using that fan will help cut down on the drying time." Wow, really? I guess he thought I was putting there for decorative purposes.

I thought I was talking to the Marvin Lewis of carpet cleaning.

While I don't expect them to go on and on about one players deficiencies in their game that can be exploited, I would like to see some accountability. Call out a group of guys, call out the defense, the offense, coaches in general. Anything. Say something that might actually light a fire under the asses of those guys that just aren't cutting it. Saying that Dalton is a passionate guy that will turn it around is useless to me and if we think we are giving away trade secrets in saying he's underperforming, well we're not. Like Hokie said, say it, OWN IT, and move on.

I wish I could come to work, totally f*ck off for the entire day, and have someone say, i'm sure Mark is going to turn it around tomorrow and then hope that actually happens. Walk in late, surf the net, take ridiculous breaks, pass out in the bathroom taking a shit, and then leave early without doing a damn thing.

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