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NBA FInals: Who Wins ??

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So it's the Heat and the Spurs in the NBA finals and even though i'm not a big basketball fan, I will be watching this one.

My issue is, who do I root for ??

If there is a team I identify with the most, it's the Spurs.

I lived in San Antonio for 7 years and was there for both the 2003 and 2005 championships.

I went to a lot of those games during my time there and like them alot.

Then there is the team everyone loves to hate in the Heat.

People despise LeBron James and wish bad things upon the Heat for what they deem as "buying a championship".

The thing for me is that I hate the Cavs owner (Dan Gilbert) more and would love nothing more than to see him continue eating the words of his promise to Cavs fans. The whole guarantee about the Cavs winning a championship before James "The former King" and the Heat do. To see James win two in a row would just be comical from that standpoint.

It's a no lose situation for me. :sure:

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I expect one of the better Finals series in recent memory, perhaps at least since the seven game series between Boston and Los Angeles. Either team is perfectly capable of winning the thing.

I'll take the more recent core dynasty over the more aged core dynasty. Miami in 7.

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Hey Dan Gilbert, how's that promise to the Cavs fans working out for you ??

Not only have the Cavs not won a championship before LeBron did, but now Lebron has back to back championships and back to back finals MVP's.

BWAAAAAAAHAAAAAAAHAAAAAAAAA !!! I feel bad for Cavs fans, but not for Gilbert. What a douche.

I also feel bad for the Spurs, as I would have been equally happy to see them win and think they let it go in game 6.

Sadly, it might be the end of the road for Duncan who I think is one of the most underrated players there is.

He's just a pro who lets his play do the talking. If he retires, he will be missed.

Congrats to the Heat.

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