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Counting down until Home Opener

September 11, 2022 vs Pittsburgh Steelers

Game Dey!!!

TJ's 2013 Mock 2.0


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well, keep in mind, you're posting on a dumbass website

but dont forget to pay your dumbass dollars for lots of expensive tickets and officially licensed merchandise

Expensive tickets ?? Nope, not this guy.

"Officially" licensed merchandise ?? Nope, players leave to often to pay better than $100 bucks for a jersey.

My Chad Johnson, Carson Palmer, and Rudi Johnson jerseys are prime examples.

Now I just spend $25-$35 on "official" knockoffs and Mike Brown gets no kickbacks.

Dumbass ?? I think the current term is idiot or moron, but whatever, i've been called worse.

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One scenario that I think has to be watched closely if the Bengals do want Arthur Brown at 21

The Bears pick at 20, and their two primary needs are OL and MLB.

It is entirely possible that all 5 of the top ranked OLs (joeckel, fisher, johnson, warmack, and cooper) are gone by 20, which makes it far more likely they'd go Arthur Brown at 20

In this scenario, if the Bengals see all the OLs off the board when the Giants pick at 19, they'd need to trade up from 21 to 19 to secure Arthur Brown

Draft point chart be damned, I think it'd take our round 5 pick to move up the two spots.

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Yeah, I think it would just depend on how far we move and how much we give up.

On one hand people think it would be great to see your team make a move and on the other hand, losing picks isn't the best either.

A 4th or 5th to move up ?? I'd get behind that. A 3rd or higher ?? Better be vastly better than whoever we could get at #21.

Won't be long now...

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