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Dillon to Chicago?


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This from the league's premiere gossip site, profootballtalk.com. I don't usually give them much credibility, but they do seem to have ins with a few teams, among them the Bears.


Word out of Chitown is that the Bears plan to make a play for disgruntled (and increasingly irrelevant) Bengals running back Corey Dillon after the 2003 season.

We hear that the Bears think Dillon can be had for a second-round pick and a fourth-rounder.  The Bears already have an extra No. 4 pick, as a result of the preseason trade of defenstive tackle Ted Washington to the Patriots.

Dillon previously has been linked to the Cowboys, but look for the Bengals to do whatever they can to avoid giving in to Dillon's stated desire to be traded to Big D. 

Other possible destinations for Dillon are the Redskins and the Bucs.  (We're kidding.  We think.)

Dillon a Bear. If he'd rather flip burgers than play in Cincy, what do you think he rather shovel than play for Chicago? :lol:

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Chicago would be OK. I still like my idea of Arizona better.

I wan't paying attention when we played the Bills. Were their fans shouting Hey Corey ... we love you. Come here and play. We need you man ????????? You know ala TKO ?? They seem more than willing anxious even to pick up our outcasts. Even the ones that weren't any good La Bow and head cases TKO" I have goals for my team so I can get my recognition and go to a pro bowl".

With not wanting to or not being able to play, Dillon is some of both and should fit right in.

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We hear that the Bears think Dillon can be had for a second-round pick and a fourth-rounder

SOLD AMERICAN!!!!!!!!!!!!

Take it and run...Just put a condition that if he blows up for over 1000 yards the next year they get an extra second rounder the following year!

I know I've said I want to see Corey stay a Bengal....But I'm fed up with his piss poor attitude.

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