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maybe I'm too hard on the D, but...


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The Defense hasn't been stellar, but as several people have mentioned, they've avoided the big play. What is big? I remember tuxan scores that came quickly, very quickly.

The secondary is slow, but efficient and much improved. In fantasy terms, if you had Boomer's offense you'd win alot, but Kitna is no Boomer, but he has been very efficient. Which reminds me:

Why didn't we draft a safety?

but Kaeshevaharn is better there than wherever he was before, much better.

Kudos to the coaches most of the time.


Special teams better step up if there is to be any chance of victory sunday.

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Well, When Coach LEwis came on Board the Had two safties from last years draft, including a second rounder...Well the second rounder is now gone, and they picked up a starter off of waivers that actually knocked the other draft pick off. You gotta play the games to figure out how it's all gonna shake out. Yeah, I think Kaeshevaharn has made the transition to safety really well, not bad for a guy who was a substitute teacher before the Bengals came a callin. I've said it in another post. This defense was put into place for the long term, not instant gratification. I reckon with the right draft, maybe a FA or two and this defense will be lethal next year.

Yeah, the guys have got to step up and make the tackles on special teams this week.


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KC will be the defenses' biggest test. If you go back and look at the close games KC played -- specifically Baltimore, Denver, and Oakland -- you find that the key to stopping them is stifling Trent Dilfer and controlling -- controlling, not necessarily stopping -- Priest Holmes.

That's exactly the kind of D that Frasier has built: give up yards but not points to the run, clog up the passing lanes with DBs and LBs, and pressure/blitz the QB. What they haven't done is to execute that plan consistently (and sometimes they have but just get beat). Against KC, they need to focus and execute.

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