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Get ready to puke.


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for some reason, I don't see much difference with the Browns uniforms...

That's because you can't see the back of the uniform. If you could you'd see how the helmet's center stripe morphs into a 3-color add promoting Libby Foods Pumpkin Pie Filling. And while the jersey remains unchanged the new pants have fabric cutouts that prominently display a players buttocks and taint when the player is lined up in a 3-point stance.

FWIW, the initial reaction from Browns fans was said to be very very positive.

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My first reaction? I couldn't believe how much I liked it. But on second thought it all made sense. Because as crazy as the so-called fake design is it's actually LESS busy than the current version. And it's more cohesive overall, lacking the current versions muddled mix-and-match components.(A Patchwork Orange?) Furthermore, if I'm not mistaken the entire design is little more than the Bengals tigerhead logo 3D mapped over the shape of a player. The result is wild and complex looking but at it's core remarkably simple. That's good graphic design.


IMHO the Bengals current uniform embraces the bizarre far more than most, and this team has a history that includes an image makeover based in part upon a uniform change. They've already done the mild to wild thing once...making wild to wild seem oddly normal. That said, fans of more staid and tradional franchises are likely to freak when confronted with designs like these. Which brings me neatly back to the Cleveland example. Because Cleveland is a franchise defined by two things. A rich heritage that faded decades ago....and a franchise move that made it's fanbase steadfastly reluctant to embrace anything that might further erode it's already tenuous link to the heritage they treasure. In short, the entire marketing campaign attempting to promote the current team as being the same team as the one that left is based upon the uniform remaining the same. Because in Cleveland they're not selling the team they actually have. They're selling the one they lost.

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Oh my.

First reaction? Everything that was right about the Bengal design is wrong on this one. Where the Bengals design fully embraces abstraction this one is based upon a cheesy psuedo realistic feather motif. And where the Bengals design is cohesive from head to toe the Chief example is patchwork, much like the current Bengal uniform.


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If the Steelers fake urine colored unis don't trigger the gag reflex, nothing will...


What the red and blue colors on the sleeve are for is beyond me.

It's the colors of the three diamonds on their logo. Google "US Steel logo".

They couldn't come up with anything original so they swiped that one...from Republic Steel.....in Cleveland. The name Stealers seems to be a long and rich tradition for the team..

Logo history link:

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