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Carlos Dunlap


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He did play last week. This d-line as a whole is one of the worst i have seen in quite sometime. Thing is i dont understand its the same players on this line as last year? Everytime i see them they are always getting pushed back.

When is it time for a new D-Line coach Hayes just is not cutting it. 6 sacks.....thats just not getting it done.

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Geathers is garbage, Odom isn't on the juice and the Bengals are always in favor of moving a player they draft at one position, to another.

Atkins and Dunlap are rookies and then you have a bunch of guys that are either hurt or underachieve.

To be honest, I really thought when they got Michael Johnson and then Carlos Dunlap they would really help this d-line and the pass rush.

They get little to no push from the interior of the d-line and the DE's might as well stand still for how useful they are.

There's simply no motivation of any sort. They rallied around the loss last year as well as the "cast off" mentality. Not so much this year.

Disappointing at best...

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I'm not ready to write off Dunlap.

Fanaene is out today, :( , and Dunlap should see more snaps.

The comment about D-line coach Jay Hayes being accountable is something I agree with.

At what point does Geathers actually get benched? His best football is far, far behind him.

Looking at what could have been had with Orakpo instead of Fat Andre...

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I think the problem with Dunlap and the defense as a whole comes down to scheme now. Just watching the falcons game made it blatantly obvious. When the bengals had the ball inside the 10 on the snap the entire front 7 of the falcons attacked the ball. When the falcons had it, including on 3rd and 1, every single player on the bengals made their first step laterally across the line of scrimmage. Now an entire front 7 isnt just going to deside that they should move side to side at the 1 yard line. This team is not being coached to be aggressive.

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