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Bengals Seek 10-10-10 Performance


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The 2010 Cincinnati Bengals have been nothing if not inconsistent.

It goes deeper than a 2-2 record that includes a win over the Ravens and a loss to the Browns. In the two wins, the defense carried the day. In the two losses the offense played well but the defense wasn't on par....Well, it's probably more accurate to say the offense played good in one and a half of the losses being as the offense didn't do anything until late in the second quarter in the season opener against the Patriots. Special teams units, especially place kicker Mike Nugent and punter Kevin Huber, had been extremely reliable until a blocked field goal in the Browns game proved to be the difference when the final gun signaled the end of a 23-20 Bengals loss.

So on this October 10th, 2010 afternoon, Marvin Lewis and company will take the field in Paul Brown Stadium in search of that ever elusive complete game. All three phases, all four quarters, if they can do that the Buccaneers will stand nary a chance of emerging victorious. Tampa Bay is clearly outmatched in this contest, but then, so were the Browns. Thusly the phrase, "and that's why they play the games" is still often uttered and still rings true.

On defense, some semblance of pressure on Josh Freeman would go a long way towards Mike Zimmer's unit holding up their end. The secondary has been as good as advertised for the most part. Given enough time, however, even the Seneca Wallaces of the world will drop in a TD pass or two as Bengal fans witnessed last week. Three sacks are all the Bengals have been able to muster through the first four games of the season. Rumors of Mike Brown shouting "I'M NOT DOIN' IT" ringing out at Bengals headquarters every payday when it's time for him to sign Robert Geathers' paycheck have yet to be confirmed.

Needless to say, the Bengals are not only seeking a complete game in all three phases but within the different units as well. The kicking specialists have been spectacular, but a fairly well hyped return game has been rather ordinary. An offense that could run the ball on anyone last year has been frighteningly mediocre in that regard so far this season. Carson Palmer would be hard pressed to play worse than he did in the teams two victories over the Ravens and Panthers....Weird as that sounds, it's the truth.

So on a day labeled 10-10-10, Cincinnati fans would be over the moon if the offense, defense and special teams all rated out seven or higher in the same game for the whole game.

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They have yet to put a complete game toghter yet, and its about time to do it. I would love to see how good they can be if they could put toghter a complete game, all this talent on the team, its about time they show it!

I couldn't agree more and at home against Tampa is a game they should win easy so I'm hoping for a rout!!

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