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Reds Extend Baker


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I know there may be things that he could do better, but it's hard to complain to much about what he has been able to do this year.

With all the players going to get paid, I'm curious if they will be able to bring them all back and if not, how the roster shakes out.

Votto, Volquez, and Cueto are eligible for arbitration. That will make things hard.

Bruce is also in on what is called the Super 2 qualifier, whatever that is.

For now, I'm happy for Baker and glad the Reds got an extension done...

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I like what Dusty has done with the ballclub this season.

There has been a nice mix of veterans and youngsters and they have all taken direction nicely.

They maintained their focus through the whole season and didn't let a stretch of bad games or losses break their season.

Dusty also didn't break any youngsters arms this season either, which I always thought was more coincidence than something you could directly pin on him as a manager. Look at Strasberg this season. They started him slowly in the minors and kept him on a pitch count even after they brought him up and he still broke down. It happens and no one should be blaming the manager in those cases.

Mike Leake had fatigued shoulder, but they did the right thing in shutting him down instead of pushing it.

I'm loving what Leake did for the Reds this season with his 8 wins and think his contribution is overlooked.

He also batted .333 going 16 for 38. Yeah, I'll take that from a guy coming straight into the rotation from college.

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Well, I just don't know that how they do in the playoffs will really indicate much in regards to him deserving the extension.

If the Reds win, it will be amazing, but if they lose, everyone will simply say they saw it coming. They see it coming only due to the fact the Phillies are viewed as the better team, but not because of what kind of manager Dusty is.

Here's a better question for those who still aren't quite sure about Dusty...

If the Reds do win, will that be enough of will it take even more ??

Meaning, many didn't think we were going to make the playoffs. We did and no love. NO ONE saw us taking the Central. We did and no love. If the Reds beat the Phillies in the NLDS, is it going to be enough or will they need to make it to the World Series ?? If they make it to the World Series, will they have to win ??

At some point, Dusty has to be given some love is all I'm saying...

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