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Blount suspended for remainder of season

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Oregon suspends running back LaGarrette Blount for remainder of season after punch

By Anne M. Peterson

Associated Press

Posted: 09/04/2009 01:15:32 PM PDT

Updated: 09/04/2009 02:15:06 PM PDT

EUGENE, Ore. — Oregon suspended running back LeGarrette Blount today for the remainder of season for punching Boise State defensive end Byron Hout.

As Boise State began celebrating on their famous blue turf, Hout yelled in Blount's face and tapped him on the shoulder pad. Before Broncos head coach Chris Petersen could pull Hout away, Blount landed a right to Hout's jaw, knocking him to his knees.

Blount also had to be restrained by police officers from fans heckling him on the way to the locker room after No. 16 Oregon's 19-8 loss Thursday to the No. 14 Broncos.

Blount's suspension includes any bowl games. Coach Chip Kelly said Blount will remain on scholarship.

Hout will not be suspended for taunting Blount. Boise State spokesman Max Corbet told The Associated Press in an e-mail that Petersen planned to spend time with Hout this week to help him learn from what happened.

Mike Bellotti, who stepped aside as head coach to become Oregon's athletic director this summer, said the Pac-10 was consulted about the punishment and supported Oregon's decision.

Pac-10 commissioner Larry Scott was at the game and saw the altercation firsthand.

After the game, Blount apologized for his actions.

"It was just something that I shouldn't have done," said Blount, who had eight carries for a loss of five yards. "I lost my head."

Regardless, Oregon University president Richard Lariviere called Blount's behavior "reprehensible."

"We do not and will not tolerate the actions that were taken by our player. Oregon's loyal fans expect and deserve better," Lariviere said in a statement. "The University of Oregon Athletics Department is reviewing the situation and will take appropriate action, reflecting the seriousness of the player's behavior."

In February, Blount was suspended indefinitely from the team for "failure to fulfill team obligations." Bellotti did not share any details, elaborate at the time, but Blount reportedly missed offseason team meetings.

He was reinstated before spring practice.

Blount, a 6-foot-2, 240-pound transfer from East Mississippi CC, rushed for 1,0002 yards and a school-record 17 touchdowns last season.

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Call me a homer but I think it's abit Unfair 3-4 games sure but not the entire season,Hout got what he deserved he was taunting and provoking a player of the losing team rather then shaking hands like he was supposed to be.



Yeah I thought he deserved a game suspension and another game suspension for trying to go after fans. It was the head coaches decision though, and from what I've heard the coach was already having problems with Blount this season.

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I was thinking the same thing there Derek.

That being said, I have absolutely NO sympathy for the guy. Was the Boise State player in the wrong ?? Sure he was, but taunting a guy and knocking a guy the f*ck out are two very different things...

Agreed. And going after the fans REALLY put it over the top. He doesn't have the maturity he needs to be in the spotlight like that.

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For selfish reasons, I am glad he is suspended because next week my boilers travel out to Euguene. I hope they can steal one out there... though it most likely wont happen.

Aren't you an alumni by now?

That I am.

Jesus Griz. I remember way back when you posted here about going to Purdue after high school!

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