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The "Ancient One" survives again


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I'l never forgive him for sucking at the one thing he paid handsomely to do in Denver, NEVER! To paraphrase Army: f**k YOU Brad!

And don't forget about Pittsburgh playoffs 05.

Dude is a choke artist when it counts. So I guess he probably feels like he plays for the right team. :lol:

After watching St. Louis make 50 perfect long snaps, I wish Marvin Lewis would tell St. Louis, "make this long snap or you are cut." Then when he sails it over the punters head Marvin would finally confirm the chokeness that is St. Louis.

I don't think St. Louis will have a problem this season though, but it could be potentially aggravating for us if the Bengals find themselves fighting for a playoff spot.

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It sucks for him (and us) that two of his mistakes happen to come in big games. Hard to explain all of that and to easy to simple say he's a choke artist, but it's also easy to see where that comes from. He's been with the Bengals since 2000 when they drafted him in the 7th round. In the grand scheme of things, he's done very well with the team over a long period of time. He's just had some bad luck at some very inoportune times. I also agree with the thought of trying to find Huber someone he can build repore with for the long haul, but it's probably more important for him to get comfortable in his first season and the vet should help in that process.

Here's to hoping St. Louis has a very good year...

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