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Bengals fans require their draft ‘fix’


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Bengals fans require their draft ‘fix’

By Chick Ludwig | Friday, March 20, 2009, 09:24 AM



===Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis has nothing but love for Cowboys safety Roy Williams. Lewis once said that Williams was so good, the team that drafts him “could play with 10 guys” on defense.===


• Left offensive tackle is the No. 1 priority because of veteran Levi Jones’ knee problems. Either Jason Smith or Eugene Monroe will be ticketed for the sixth overall pick. Both have the ability to play at a high level right away …

• The club is crying for an impact pass rusher to attack off the edge. Robert Ayers would be an ideal fit in the second round …

• If a willing suitor emerges, a trade down would allow the team to get a quality LT (Michael Oher or Andre Smith) and use the extra pick for C Jonathan Luigs in the third round …

• The signing of TB Cedric Benson and WR Laveranues Coles in free agency erases the need for high picks at both positions …

• A quality MLB is a must because Dhani Jones, 31, is slowing down …

• The only possible way the Bengals draft TB Chris “Beanie” Wells is if he’s available in the second round. Remember: If you’re injured in college, then you’ll be injured in the NFL …


Left offensive tackle

Defensive end


Middle linebacker


Free safety

Defensive tackle


MARCH 30 — Offseason workouts begin at Paul Brown Stadium.

APRIL 25-26 — NFL Draft.

MAY 19-21, 26 and 28 — On-field coaching sessions (OTAs).

JUNE 2-4, 9, 11 and 15 — On-field coaching sessions (OTAs).

JUNE 18-20 — Mandatory minicamp.


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"• The club is crying for an impact pass rusher to attack off the edge. Robert Ayers would be an ideal fit in the second round …"

WTF ? I just dont get it, how in the world does anybody get this guy rated as a draftable player?

I would not even sign this guy as an undrafted free-agent !

Robert Ayers had 3 sacks one year and 4 another, he played for a loosing program, other than one OK all star game , what has this guy done?

Either he is one of those kind of guys that show up in an all star game so he can get paid, after giving nothing for the rest of his career or he has been injurued the whole time , which means he is one of those always injuried players-which we have way too many of already.

This guy reminds me of Robert Geathers, a guy that when drafted had done NOTHING in college but, the Bengals drafted on potential , alot like Ayers.

In 2004, the guy that I wanted the Bengals to draft was Jared Allen, who slid to them in the 4th rnd.

Allen had put up 102 tackles ,28 tackles for loss ,and 17.5 sacks.

The Bengals had the choice of taking Allen or Geathers, who had put up 2 sacks one year an 3 the next, they took Geathers BIG MISTAKE!!

I have followed the draft since before they had it televised and by far the most important thing to look at in a DE is how many sacks they put up in college, its not the only thing , but its the most important.

The Bengals keep ignoring this in the draft, this is why they cant draft a DE or for that matter get one in Free agency,they think they are a hell of alot smarter than they are.

Why are the Bengals shocked that a guy that put up 3 sacks in a season at Georgia cannot put up 18 in the NFL?

My favorite DE after the 1st rnd is Brandon Williams -6-4 260 runs around 4.7 in the 40 and most important he put up 13 sacks-- I saw this guy play and he can bring it.

After the 1st rnd I also like

Conner Barwin-11 sacks

Michael Johnson-9 sacks

Philip Hunt -14 sacks

Willie VanSteeg-10.5 sacks

Jaron Glibert-9.5 sacks

Nick Reed- 13 sacks

Stryker Sulak-10.5 sacks

Brandon Swain-14 sacks

Other than these guys I dont see much at DE in the draft.

One thing is for sure we dont need another Geathers clone!

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