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Ravens won't resign Jason brown


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Posted by Mike Florio on February 26, 2009, 7:09 p.m.

Ravens center Jason Brown will soon be playing for a new team. And it sounds like Brown is more than a little bitter over the team’s decision not to pay him the kind of contract he apparently will be getting on the open market.

“[F]or the last four years I’ve poured out my heart and my soul to that team,” Brown said during an appearance on Sporting News Radio’s The Monty Show. “Any and everything that you could possibly say or do to be that guy, the type of caliber player where any team out there would say, ‘Hey that’s the type of guy we want, that we need on our team,’ that’s me. I’m not trying to pump myself up right now, but that’s how I have to feel because I’ve done everything possible to market myself and to build my stock over the last four years.”

Brown also thinks that the decision not to keep him arises from an ongoing philosophy to invest money onto the defensive side of the ball.

“And I do realize they’re in a binding situation right now and if you look at the history with Baltimore they’ve always been a defensive team and with the stance their taking with me right now looks as though they will continue to be a defensive team that struggles offensive wise,” Brown said.

Brown has been informed that the Ravens won’t be attempting to re-sign him. Candidates to land him include the Redskins, Dolphins, Vikings, and Rams.

:| Hopefully he wants to come to cinci so he can face them twice a year,Hopefully not the steelers though >_<

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