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Kazkals Bengal only mock


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Sign Matt Birk

Sign Cedric Benson

Resign cheap:Jeanty,Blackstock,B.Johnson,Stacey Andrews etc etc

UDFA:Ryan Succop kicker

6th selection bengals select

Brian Orakpo

We've had no passrush for several years now so it needs to be fixxed...he may not be the elite passrusher that dwight freeney is but I still think he would upgrade it by not only his play but letting Geathers drop weight and go back to his specialist roll.

38th selection bengals select

Duke Robinson

-This allows that huge mammoth we currently manninf the position to move outside...

70th selection bengals select

Clay Matthews

---Kinda light but I think he'd turn out to be great pick for us.

102nd selection the bengals draft

Jeremiah Johnson RB

4th round comp pick selection bengals select

Fenuki Tupou

5th round selection

Cary Harris CB USC

6th round

Quinn Johnson FB

7th round

Kevin Huber Punter/b]

7th round comp Pick

Jake Ingram Long Snapper

-Figure with the likelyness of us replacing larson we may as will bring in

A new long snapper.

I really could see the Bengals going 5 different ways in the first round,Orakpo may not be our biggest need but I think he would serve this team well.

Depth Chart starters / primary backups

LT:Anthony Collins,Levi Jones

LG:Duke Robinson.Livings

C:Birk,Andrew Crummy

RG:Bobbie Williams

RT:Andre Whitworth


WR:Chad Johnson,Andre Caldwell,Jerome Simpson,Chris Henry

RB:Cedric Benson.Jeremiah Johnson.James Johnson

FB:Quinn Johnson

QB:Ryan...fitz... I mean Carson Palmer

DE:Orakpo Odom 3rd down:Geathers


SLB:Clay Mathews,Rashad Jeanty,Darryl Blackstock

MLB:Dhani ones,Corey Mays

WLB:Keith Rivers,Brandon Johnson

CB:Jjoe Hall,Jones,Harri

SS:Ndukwe,Kyries Hebert

FS:White (Though I think Lynch will be in the running and will be getting plenty of play time



LS:Jake Ingram

PS,I wanted to take rey but figure I would change it up,

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Don't like the big OG from LSU, sure he is 385 lbs but by all reports he looked stiff and slow at the Senior Bowl and stiff and slow OLinemen don't work in our division.

Well the pick was more for the hell of it ya he isn't most ready but we still have Bobbie Williams so would be nice start developing a guard incase we don't keep Bobbie when his contract expires...Worst case you just use him on 4n inches and tell him lay down with ball :P

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