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Poisoned Mentality - chaps my AZZZ!


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from his latest report:

"T.O. hurt them on a 57-yard crossing pattern for a TD in the last quarter, but it was only his second catch of the day and it was the result of a missed tackle. On the other big throw, last week's 50-yarder from Ben Roethlisberger to Nate Washington working against backup corner Geoff Pope, Hall was off the field for that one snap getting a contact lens replaced."

I don't care how many catches T.O. had to that point, or what happened to Mr. Hall, the fact remains the DB's gave up GAME BREAKING plays at the WORST possible times.

"...and it was a result of a missed tackle." ??????? Isn't that how one team USUALLY scores on another team?

Heck, if they would just stop missing tackles, this would be a Top 10 defense!

Spin it however you like Mr. Hobson. Rationalizing 0-7 makes you look like an idiot.

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