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After a piss poor excuse for a race, the top four teams are separated by less than 100 points. BTW Nascar better pull their heads out of their a$$es when it comes to the official tire maker. I wouldn't put Goodyear on a wheelbarrow!

1 YatesHorsepower 5,406

2 bill's team 5,392

2 Billy's Intimidators 5,392

4 MacD's SpeedDeamons 5,336

5 hitthewall 5,220

6 shake-n-bake 5,212

7 BZone24 5,078

8 Vote Danimal in '08' 5,056

8 Stewart_In_08 5,056

10 Force88Dominate 4,914

11 Speed Deamons 2,240

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Why did they have to baby sit these teams with all the official cautions? do they think that most teams would have stayed out untill they blew a tire?

It seemed like they took away any pit strategy and replaced it with big brother. You will pit in 3 laps, the pits are now closed untill then, what kind of racing is that?

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