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Crazy Like a Fox?


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Here's a little food for thought...

"Corey Dillon is a team player. Don't let this “I want out” talk fool you. Dillon knows Ray Rhodes is busy plotting 101 ways to ruffle Jon Kitna and shut down Cincinnati's passing attack. Dillon's outlandish outburst will give Seattle something else to think about. What happens when a star player whines about not getting the ball enough? He gets the ball. A lot. Will the Bengals try to appease Dillon, even though he isn't 100 percent because of his groin injury and he's tentative when making cuts? Rhodes has to consider it, instead of ignoring Dillon as most fantasy owners wish they could. Dillon isn't an overpaid, selfish baby who can't wait to get out of Cincy. He's a master of mind games."

from http://fantasy.sportingnews.com/nfl/voices...t/20031023.html

Given that it's a little odd that CD went boom! now, with the team coming off a win and the trading deadline past, plus the rather weird way the whole thing started (with Dillon walking into the locker room and shouting "trade me to Dallas!")...I can't rule the "crazy like a fox" theory out.

I can see Lewis coming up with this one. He knows CD has a media rep as a malcontent, especially in his hometown of Seattle. Why not use that rep to throw off the 'hags? Wednesday's the day that the offense gets the plan for the next game, CD comes off the field and goes off about not getting the ball, the logical conclusion (if you're Rhodes) is that the plan is pass, pass, pass. When really the plan is run, Dillon, run (which makes much more sense given Seattle's strong secondary).

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a little mind games cant hurt and marvin lewis does it every week....................so why not corey dillon :D , he is a smart player and know if the other team keys on him we can throw the ball better and he knows if the other team takes him for granted then he will run all over them.............so what joiseycat said sounds like a plan between between marvin and corey to rattle a few PEAhawks and make them start thinking different........if it wasn't a plan i would bet marvin would have fined dillon or atleast benched him, but they are still buddy buddy so way to go bengals and good job fooling all of us including the peahawks heeeee heeeee heeeee

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