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A tough week to call at a tough track. I'm thrilled to come out of that mess with this weeks high score of 278. MacD stumbled, and both Terry and I picked up valuable ground. Straight to the point...we have some players in the league this season! B)

1 MacD's SpeedDeamons 1,698

2 BZone24 1,695

3 Billy's Intimidators 1,654

4 bill's team 1,636

5 YatesHorsepower 1,605

6 Speed Deamons 1,575

7 Vote Danimal in '08' 1,496

8 Force88Dominate 1,483

9 shake-n-bake 1,479

10 hitthewall 1,440

11 Stewart_In_08 1,347

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Kyle Busch going 56 laps down due to mechanical problems didn't help. But I believe we have seen this before when I held a 3 point only to increase it substantially the following week. So keep up if you can. And yes, there is some tough competition this season and I have to stay on my toe's in order to lead this wire-to-wire.

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