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New England fading fast

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What is it about superbowl losers, anyway?

From the Pats blog ( PatsBlog ):

Faulk charged with marijuana possession

According to Louisiana station KATC, Patriots running back Kevin Faulk was cited for misdemeanor marijuana possession on Friday night.

(This is a correction of an earlier posting which said Faulk was arrested.)

Faulk, a team captain last season, was at the Cajundome for a concert featuring rapper Lil Wayne and a random security check turned up four joints.

He is the second Patriots player this month to be cited for marijuana -- just days after the team's Super Bowl loss, special teams standout Willie Andrews was arrested in Lowell, Mass.

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Ya, I'm not sure it's all over for them. They still have strong lines on both sides of the ball - which is the most important thing at this level - plus Brady. Not exactly without talent everywhere else either. Age has caught up with them at LB but apart from that, very solid. I expect them to get to at least the AFCD game, especially when you consider the division they play in.

Yep, they're in deep s**t alright.

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