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Whats your favorite car?


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Mine? The '67 shelby gt 500


Now you got a good thread. I've owned many a Mustang. A totally stock '64 coupe complete with it's 289 engine, C-4 automatic tranny and a bullet proof Ford 9 inch rear end.



A '82 Mustang 5.0 GT with the engine bored out .30 over with Edelbrock roller rockers with gear drive, cam, Performer intake manifold, and 750cfm carburetor. Also added a German Borg Warner 5 speed gear box to add to the top end. One of the hardest things I ever had to do was sell this car.

In the first picture mine is on the right.




The Mustang I'd LOVE to own? Here it is:


The Ford I'd love to own? Here that is:


The Shelby Cobra Concept car, and yes...that's Carrol at the wheel.

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I'm sure your used to seeing these out in Hollywood Bengal1. This is my dream car:

This is the Lamborghini Galardo



Of Course I would want mine with a custom paint job (Bengal Stripes).

And the car alarm:


Which would sit in front of my house:


Yeah, I'm a Gangsta like that :P

P.S. That's 50 Cents house (formerly owned by Mike Tyson). They did a whole 1-hr episode on cribs for this house alone. It's so big, it has its own shooting range!

One of my favorite cars realistically is the 2005 Acura 3.2 TL Fully Loaded S-Type w/ 6 speed. Black on Black w/gun metal alloy rims, sunroof, spoiler, navigation, CD/DVD, heated leather seats, ect... I walked into an Acura dealership a few years back and they had one of these fully loaded in the showroom. I fell in love. Every guy has that one car they love, this is mine (stock photo):



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