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How about this trade?

El Tigere

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Like everyone knows the draft is a mystery. You never know what you will get. I would like to make some trades in order to fix what I think is the most glaring problem on this defense. I dont expect Thornton to be back, and Peko cant do it all by himself. Myers is solid but after him and Peko we have no one (I would like Fanene to be resigned though and he is a DE/DT tweener).

Since we face giant question marks at the 9 spot in the draft it seems to be a consensus on these boards that we trade back if one of the big 4 are not available. While trading back and getting extra picks is nice, veteran players added to your team could have a lot more value.

I propose we make trades with both Detroit (15th pick) and Carolina (13th pick). They both have veteran DT's who still have valuable years left in them. Kris Jenkins (28 years old) and Shaun Rogers (28 years old). Both of these players are rumored to be on the trade block and our first round pick has a ton of value since it is in the top 10.

I think if we offer the 9th overall pick and our 3rd or 4th rd selection (or Deltha) to Detroit for Shaun Rogers and there 15th overall pick they would be glad to get him off their hands and happily move into the top 10 and get the premiere CB or O-linemen that they need. And then we offer the 15th overall pick that we got from Detroit to Carolina for Kris Jenkins. Bada Bing Bada Boom- our DT problems are solved and we only lost 2 draft picks. Or if we gave Detroit Deltha instead of a pick then we only lost our 1st rd pick but added two former pro bowl? players.

With the increased cap room I wouldnt expect adding two larger veteran contracts to be much of a problem, and I cant think of a better place to spend it.

Can you imagine the difference we would witness in our defense? Adding those two massive bodies in the middle would be fantastic. Our pass rush would benefit just like when the massive Sam was in the middle, and our run D would be much improved with those two in the middle.

I cant think of a reason to not do it. Especially if Detroit accepts Deltha and we only have to use that 9th pick. Shaun has weight issues but he is only 28 and there is no reason he couldnt bounce back after last years disappointing second half. Kris Jenkins has had injury issues in the past but he played all 16 games each of the past 2 seasons. Throw in the fact that both are 335+ and I guarantee we would witness better play from our DT position than the 288 pounds on a good day Thornton offered.

What do you all think?

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