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Dan Connor


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Why is this guy not considered a top tier pick. I'm an OSU fan and can tell you that he looks better than Laurinatus and Hawk and they were projected top 10 picks. He was a 5 star recruit out of highschool and put up better #'s than any Penn State LB. He has a drive to be the best, has a knack for the ball and a non stop motor. We should consider trading down a couple spots and taking Connor but he might end up going to the Patriots. He seems like a perfect Patriot LB and they like the players that are all about football. He is underrated just like Paul Poz. last year and he'll be a all pro NFL LB. People get too caught up in what people do w/out pads and forget what they accomplish in the game itself. Some people are just born to play football and he is one of them. I think Pollack is one of them players and I think we'll see him play again because he has so much passion for the game.

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Connor is a great player but is also a bit of an idiot to boot.

He had it out with the Penn State coaching staff early in his career. Nothing major but there was a rift early on.

The truly retarded story about him involved a serious of prank calls him and another teammate were making to a former PSU coach. It became borderline harassment up until the point he was finally caught and suspended the first three games of the 05 season.

Not major charges by any means but you really have to question what the guys thought process is.

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