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The winner of the Pick'em Contest is...


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We have a tie for 1st place.

1 redsbengalsbucks 177

2 bwillycuse 177

3 BigBenBlows 176

BigBenBlows is locked into 3rd place and will receive a $25 gift card. Congratulations. The gift card will most likely come from NFLShop.com. I will get in touch with you in the next week with details.

As for redsbengalsbucks and bwillycuse, you two will be answering 10 different Super Bowl XLII tiebreaker questions. I will have the questions for you by next weekend, most likely before then.

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Boy, not getting my picks in for those Thanksgiving day games comes back to bite me in the butt!!!

lol - I didnt get those picks in either. I tried the day before but the first game started within 24 hours so 0 points for me on Thanksgiving.

Now I gotta listen to Sirius NFL channell all week at work.

Gotta get educated

Oh and yes, B24 thanks for having this contest..Its been fun.

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Congrats fellas. Last yr, Spain and I had a tiebreaker for the win also, and Spain got it. And both of us had respectable finishes this yr too. I was 4th, and Spain was 5th.

I'm sure everyone had weeks where they missed making some picks, but that one week that I missed making all my picks really hurt. I think I might have had a shot at the win. Oh well, there's always next yr.

Thanks for hosting the contest B24! It makes the non-Bengals games interesting. And good luck in the tie-breaker bwillycuse and redsbengalsbucks.

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